-by Suejin Jung

Nature is my sanctuary and source of creative energy; I retreat to it whenever I find myself overwhelmed by stress or questioning my purpose. The grandiose, expansive, and symbolic styles in the music of Rameau, Chopin, and Debussy depict what I see and feel in nature—joy, hope, and love.

I was blown away by Suejin’s powerful performance and her commitment to thoughtful programming. She is an artist who will make a major impact in the years to come.

Scott Ordway

Multimedia Artist, Composition Faculty at Rutgers University

Suejin Jung doesn’t shy away from stepping outside the box – both artistically and personally. Her thought-provoking, sensitive, yet incredibly well-executed work “Breathmark” perfectly hit the brief and amazed the jury and we are very proud of her and the path she is forging.”

Jacques Goddijn

founder of Goodmesh Artist Agency

Suejin brings a sophisticated touch to her interpretations. She excels in works that challenge the performer to obtain a wide variety of colors and to deliver the artistic message with elegance and ease.

Matei Varga

Pianist, Director of the Vendome Prize Piano Competition